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David Young

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David Young discusses the development of successive overrelaxation (SOR) and polynomial acceleration techniques. He recalls his work as a graduate student at Harvard University under the direction of his advisor, Garrett Birkhoff, and his interactions with others working on relaxation methods, including Sir Richard Southwell and Richard Varga.

Key words: iterative methods, successive overrelaxation (SOR), polynomial acceleration techniques, Chebychev polynomials, Gauss-Seidel method, Jacobi method

Time frame: 1950's, 1960's, 1970's

People: Garrett Birkhoff, Richard Southwell, H. Liebmann, L. R. Richardson, Hilda Geiringer, G.Temple, Richard Varga, Stanley Frankel, Gene Golub,

Location: Harvard University, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Argonne National Laboratory
Copyright: Reprinted from "A History of Scientific Computing," Stephen G.
Nash, editor, pp. 180 -195. (c) 1990 ACM Press (Association for Computing
Machinery, Inc.) by permission.


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